High quality technical rubber components

since 1949

Internal management of the entire production process

since 1949

We develop and produce compounds

since 1949

Rubber Gaskets

The production process of the gaskets made according to the customer’s drawing and specifications takes place internally in all its phases


we produce and keep on stock a wide range of standard and special (both in terms of size and material) O-Rings

Gasket with insert

we are specialized in the production of Technical Rubber Articles with different types of inserts such as rubber-metal, rubber-plastic and/or rubber-clothdetails

Die-cut gaskets

the production line is completed by the Die-cutting Department which produces flat gaskets obtained by die-cutting and laser cutting details




Download the comparative table of the physical-mechanical properties of the various elastomers in pdf


We produce and mold Gaskets in any type of elastomer. Click here to see our homologated compounds

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Our Company

ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. produces high-quality Technical Rubber Articles, O-Rings and Die-cut gaskets since 1949. The whole process is carried out using the most modern production and control technologies to meet the numerous applications of our customers.

Our historical presence on the market is one of our greatest strengths: thanks to the experience gained in more than 70 years of activity, we can offer all our customers personalized assistance in order to find the best product for each application.


One of ARGO’s main goals is to stand out in the market for the excellent quality of materials and products.


We believe in the importance of cooperation and teamwork, and we value young resources. Send your application and join our family!

Argo and Sustenability

In ARGO sustainability is a strategic goal that we try to pursue every day; we firmly believe in the importance of a sustainable growth while respecting the environment.