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ARGO implements its management system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

13 June 2023 | News

Our company welcomed the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central management system last year, implementing a project divided into three phases, and supported by the experts of the IT consulting firm Cegeka.

The first phase focused on the second half of 2022 and was centered on the transition from the old NAVISION management system to Business Central.

The second, the one we are currently dealing with, is dedicated to the development and introduction of processes absent in NAVISION, with the implementation of the documentation part, quality management with a focus on non-conformities, Power Apps for the traceability of compounds, and management of commercial activities.  

The third phase, on the other hand, involves the introduction of an innovative MES system: this will be a challenge that will require commitment at all levels and dedicated resources implying structural changes as well.

The transition to a new management system represented not only an important step forward for our company and in general an opportunity for change, growth and reorganization.

The challenges that the market proposes to us every day require a continuous improvement, which becomes easier to deal with thanks to a solid digital structure.