Gaskets with Insert

Rubber-Metal, Rubber-Textile and Rubber-Plastic

In more than 70 years of activity, ARGO has specialized in the production of Technical Articles in Rubber with insert. We mold Rubber-Metal, Rubber-Cloth and Rubber-Plastic details, guaranteeing the optimal bond with the insert in compliance with the strictest dimensional tolerances.

The entire production cycle is carried out in our plant near Milan.
Preparation and adhesive operations of the inserts are carried out in our Treatment Department. They will subsequently be molded by transfer or injection molding in our production.

Our main items with insert are shock absorbers, vibration dampers, self-lubricating bushings, impellers for pumps, molded or cut, flat or preformed rubber-cloth membranes, shutters for valves and solenoid valves, flexible couplings, pistons for cylinders, pressure reducers.