Standard and special

We produce and keep on stock a wide range of standard and special O-Rings both in terms of size and material.

Our standard products include the following compounds:

  • NBR 70 Shore A Black (certified EN 549 B2 H3 for GAS applications)
  • FPM 70 Shore A Green (certificata R67 R110 amd ISO 15500-2 2012 for GAS applications)
  • VMQ 70 Shore A Red (certified FDA)

Our special compounds, instead, include different hardness:

  • NBR 40÷90 Shore A,
  • FPM 50÷90 IRHD Green and/or Black,
  • EPDM 50÷80 Shore A vulcanized Sulfur and/or Peroxide,
  • HNBR 70÷90 Shore A Green and/or Black,
  • VMQ 40÷80 Shore A,
  • FVMQ,
  • CR,
  • NR

Dimension list O-Ring Standard in 725/70 NBR/

Standard O-Ring Dimension List in 637/70 FPM/70.vd GREEN RAL 6024