Since 1949 ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. produces Techincal Rubber Components, O-Rings and Die Cutting Gaskets in order to satisfy the different needs of all its customers using the most modern technologies for ensuring an highest quality level to our products at competitive prices. For our company CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is a key value, we always work for Research & Development of new materials, production and control technologies.
ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. is a family company founded in 1949 by Eng. Emilio Paor and his wife, Mrs. Terza Maria Fumagalli. Initially born to supply Aeronautic industry ARGO has extended its reference sector in order to satisfy the increasingly gaskets demand in any diverse application. From the 70’s beginning, the second generation, Mr. Bruno Scifo and Mrs. Marinella Paor, has reinforced and developed this project confirming ARGO in both italian and foreign market as High Quality Technical Rubber Components producer. First in our sector we have created and developed an innovative automatic process control management system - linking all the presses to a server that directly manages production cycles – wherewith we have obtained in 1999 the VISION 2000 certification. Nowadays, we employ about 50 people in our Baranzate (Milan - Italy) plants covering a 4,000 mq surface area and we propose ourselves as a 360° partner for our customers with a very wide articles range, produced in any kind of elastomer, not only as a raw material transformer but also as a technical support, co-design and consultancy to solve technical applicative problems making our decennial experience available to our customers.
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ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli is different from its competitors by developing internally ALL the production process phases. This allow us maximum flexibility and total control over our products quality.

Raw Material Selection

selected and updated between the best offered by the market

Compound Preparation and Packaging

In our Mixing Department according to ARGO receipts studied and developed in our Research & Development Department / ARGO Laboratory


with injection machines (we are specialized in Vertical Injection), transfer and compression


final quality control by manual and by automatic systems, packaging and storing


Since the beginning of its story ARGO's philosophy is to respect environment and we daily work to offer to us and to all our employees a liveable work place in a familiar spirit.

In collaboration with our suppliers we have developed, and everyday we are developing, innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact to the minimum.

In order to reach a low environmental impact we choose and promote ONLY raw materials with no dangerous substances for health and we adopt ALL necessary precautions and attentions to control and limit noxious substances emission.

An example is the machine used for the moulds cleaning which uses an innovative ultrasound technology that at the end of the process generates just only biodegradable liquids.

We manufacture and print any type of elastomer seals