Our Company

ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. produces high-quality Technical Rubber Articles, O-Ring and Die-cut gaskets since 1949. The whole process is carried out using the most modern production and control technologies to meet the numerous applications of our customers.

Our historical presence on the market is one of our greatest strengths: thanks to the experience gained in more than 70 years of activity, we can offer all our customers personalized assistance in order to find the best product for each application.

Historical presence implies having deep roots, experience and reliability; continuous improvement is the philosophy that drives us to always look to the future. For this reason, our Research and Development team, with its specific skills, works every day together with the Technical Department to broaden our range of products and offer our customers new materials that can solve the increasingly needs of the market.

Our research is aimed not only at the development of new materials, but also at the continuous improvement of processes and productivity. We work on automation, digitalization and new technologies. The demands of the market and the applications of our customers are increasingly challenging, and our daily commitment is to fully satisfy their needs.

Being a growing company allows us to meet the needs of our customers, employees and the area where we work. One of the most important prerequisites to keep our standards high is the strengthening of our market positions and the segmentation of markets and customers.

Another main feature of our company is that all phases of the production process are carried out internally, starting from the creation of compounds produced according to our formulation by the Mixing Department. This allows us to have complete control of the process and to be flexible and independent in terms of delivery times.

ARGO is the Italian acronym for Tecnhical Rubber components (Articoli in Gomma), but behind our name there is also our essence:

Attention to our customers, materials and products         
Research and Development of new materials and compounds developed and produced by our Mixing Dept.   
Great range of products and applications
Our whole production process is carried out internally.


Our History

ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. is a family company founded in 1949 by Eng. Emilio Paor and his wife, Mrs. Terza Maria Fumagalli, from which it takes its name.


Initially created to supply the aeronautical industry, it has subsequently expanded its sphere of reference to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for rubber seals for several applications.


Since the beginning of the 70s the second generation, represented by Mr. Bruno Scifo and Mrs. Marinella Paor, has consolidated and developed this project establishing ARGO in the Italian and foreign market as a manufacturer of High-Quality Technical Rubber components.
First in our industry, to guarantee the repeatability of productions and the constant quality of our articles, Mr. Bruno Scifo developed an innovative management system for the automatic control of the process, connecting all the presses to a server capable of directly manage the production cycles and at the same time collect updated information from our machines. This system is still in use, and it is updated daily thanks to the latest technologies.


We live in a historic phase of technological, economic and industrial transition and ARGO wants to be proactive in employing the new opportunities and prospects of digitalization as a competitive advantage. By making targeted investments in ICT systems and applications, we increase the efficiency of business processes, improve data quality, increase IT security and facilitate collaboration within the company and with our customers.   

Between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the third generation represented by Francesca and Luca Scifo also became part of the history of ARGO.


In 2023 also the fourth generation, represented by Matteo Bruno Scifo, enthusiastically begins to take its first steps in the Company to ensure continuity and adding a new piece to our history projecting it towards the future.
We currently employ around 50 employees in our plant in Baranzate (Milan) over an area of ​​4,000 square meters and we aim to be a 360° partner for our customers: we are not only transformers of raw materials, but we also offer technical support, development of new materials, co-design and consultation for the resolution of technical and application problems. Our decennial experience and our vast range of articles produced in any type of elastomer is made available to offer to our customers the best service.

Argo is green

In ARGO sustainability is a strategic goal that we try to pursue every day; we firmly believe in the importance of a sustainable growth while respecting the environment, from product development to customer service, from employee management to social commitment.

We are developing some important new projects aimed at saving energy and making our company less and less impactful for the area where we work. Nowadays it is important to adopt a 360° approach on production structures, energy saving and the use of renewable sources.
To face the serious problem of the rising costs of energy, the first of the actions undertaken was the reorganization of production: we set up a third shift but working one day less a week. In this way, our production has increased the actual working hours but decreasing the non-productive plant start-up times from 5 days to 1 day with significant immediate energy savings.
Energy saving is also obtained through a better maintenance of the systems: we have installed devices on each press that detect electricity consumption to precisely identify any inefficiencies and be able to intervene promptly.
Between 2021 and 2022 we installed 2 new latest generation induction boilers: one for the Production Plant and one for the Offices combined with a solar thermal system.
Our plans for 2023 are the installation of an important latest generation photovoltaic system to obtain 25% of our daily energy needs from renewable sources, and the creation of a non-potable water well for cooling the machinery that will allow us to reduce the consumption of water from the municipal water supply.
processo produttivo


ARGO di T.M. Fumagalli S.r.l. stands out in the market as it carries out all stages of the production process internally. This allows us maximum flexibility and total control over the quality of our products at all stages.

Raw materials selection

Our raw materials are selected from the best that can be found on the market with a particular attention to the innovations offered by our Raw Material Suppliers.
Together with them we study innovative solutions that allow us to have a continuous improvement of our production processes and the products we offer to our customers.

Compound Preparation and Packaging

The elastomers are prepared in our Mixing Department following the recipes studied and perfected in our Research and Development Department
All the compounds produced in ARGO are used by our production. ARGO does not sell compounds but only finished products.


Molding takes place using the latest generation of Injection presses (with specialization in Vertical Injection), Transfer and Compression molding.


At the end of production, the final quality control takes place both manually and 100% automatically, followed by bagging and finally storage.