Rubber Gaskets

Molded according to the customer’s drawing and specification

When we think about our products, one of the first words that comes to our mind together with quality is diversification: we produce technical rubber items both standard and according to the customer’s drawing and specifications.

ARGO offers high specialization and experience in the fields of aeronautical, automotive, gas for civil, industrial and automotive applications, food & beverage, valves and solenoid valves, aerospace and many others.

In particular, aeronautical applications are closely linked to the history of ARGO: our founder Eng. Emilio Paor, an expert in rubber and compound formulations, was passionate about aircraft and had in mind the then newborn Italian aeronautical industry when he founded the company.

Today, after more than 70 years of activity, we offer specific certified EN 9100:2018 materials for the aeronautical and aerospace industry.

Our gaskets are produced according to the customer’s drawing and specification in any type of elastomer thanks to the help of all the main molding technologies currently on the market. We are specialized in molding with both injection and compression/transfer vertical presses.