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What elements characterize the quality of O-rings?

15 February 2021 | Insights

Elements that characterize the quality of o-rings

There are four elements by which the quality of an o-ring can be judged: burrs, concentricity, tolerances and ovality.

The presence of burrs of a certain consistency compromises the perfectly geometric shape of the o-ring and thus damages its functionality, especially for dynamic applications.
In our O-rings, burrs are completely absent.

Due to its geometry, the O-ring is always obtained with a mold whose joint is the middle of the O-ring. Therefore, it is easy to obtain eccentricity phenomena between the top and bottom of the toric section.

Perfect concentricity over the entire development of the o-ring determines the degree of sealing of the o-ring.

Deburring operations can compromise the perfect toricity of the O-ring.